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The Thai Kitchen – Park Hyatt

I have always been attracted towards Thai Culture, their country and especially their food. And Dubai being so diversed there are plenty of restaurants which serve this cuisine but not in the true authentic Thai style which I really miss but not anymore since I have found one restaurant which has mastered Thai dishes. I am glad Park Hyatt team suggested me this place and considering the infinite number of awards they have got I had to make a visit to The Thai Kitchen in Park Hyatt.image

Being greeted in the most hospitable manner we were given a small tour of their restaurants and a nice comfy spot. Best part about this restaurant is the open kitchen theme, it displays a sense of confidence among the staff and also a strong level of discipline is needed since you are constantly being watched while you are under immense pressure to serve the finest.image

Chef Supatra for tonight served us some of her beautiful dishes which left me speechless and for sure feeling full for a few days without any doubt. Starting the night with some Prawns Toast which was meatylicious wonderful and juicy. Also to get our pallette prepared for the night and to get some true flavours from Asia a Hot and Sour Wonton soup accompanied with the signature Papaya Salad and Pandan Chicken. Light texture of the soup and the sharp tasting salad with a hint of spice were superb. On the other hand Chicken in Pandan leaf didn’t really felt outstanding considering I have had better.image

I would without a doubt recommend the Hot and Spicy Sea Bass for the mains. The delicate fish with the fancy sauce is a delight to have with the Garlic Fried Rice. Another one of the curries which I adored was the Chicken Massaman Curry, subtle flavors with their Vegetable Noodles leaves a remarkable texture making you hungry for more. We also had the Oyster Mushrooms which were a bit dry and didn’t had the alluring aromatic texture which I was expecting but overall I had a wholesome and satisfying dinner.


Thai cuisines have the most unique desserts so I would recommend you try a mix of their famous dessert platter which has small portions of everything. What a lovely way to end our meal and before I leave I did promise myself to come back again especially to try their Friday Brunch which is another thing they are known for.image

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