I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Boca serves Mediterranean cuisine with a unique twist. Every dish here is made with a lot of attention and love which is pretty evident. No doubt this place has a fabulous location but does it live up to the expectation ? A fairly charming atmosphere and interiors are surely applause worthy and it just doesn’t end here they even have a wine cellar, so impressive. I have hardly come across any restaurant which have this.imageMenu is absolutely different and filled with surprise dishes. I am sure I have to make a few more visits before I can try all their dishes. Ljubica the sweet and helpful server made my job so easy, she recommended me some of the bestsellers here and I am so happy that I took her suggestion. We started off with some heart pleasing drinks which are wonderful to sip on. My favorite was the Virgin Bellini since it has this strong passion fruit hint which I enjoyed. Next up was the Sangria and Pesca, the presentation of both the drinks were beautiful. Sangria is not to be missed and Pesca for that light berry flavor is perfect.imageWe started our lunch with some cold appetizers. If you are one of the people who fancy breads do try it here since it is freshly prepared in their bakery and are warm and soft to have with a spread of purée olives and paprika butter. I was quite surprised by the taste of their olives since it is imported from different parts of Europe and marinated in few secret herbs before being served. The assorted Beef Cut is infused with flavours and makes a excellent starter too. Apart from this what stands out from the rest is their Braised Rabbit Terrine, smooth, rich and exquisite is how I would describe it flavoursome taste.imageBefore moving onto the mains I did think to myself the starters are flawless and I wished I could remove some flaws but yes my work was made difficult considering the chef have done a marvelous job with each dish. For the mains we tried some of their signature dishes, let me enlighten you more about it :-

*Lobster Rolls – Fragrant and buttery bread filled with juicy lobsters and to make it more enjoyable and moist sauces which are lip smacking.
*Mini Burgers – Laid on this fluffy bread is this flavorsome patty with pleasant veggies all together make this dish so scrumptious.
*Pasta – Enticing sauce simmered in the spaghetti with wholesome veggies. Make this a addictive dish, quite hard to stop eating.
*Boca Fries – No, this is not a regular fries, stacked up in this fantastic presentation and drizzled with hot paprika and sauces this is not to be missed. Crisp and crunch with a wow factor in every bite.


Finally we are on our last course, Desserts. I do feel absolutely full but I have heard it would be a crime to miss their prize possession.
*Creme Brulee – The winner, it has this crystallized rose and a smooth taste which is magical.
*Ashanti Chocolate – Being a chocolate lover I completely adored this dessert especially since it went so well with the Ice cream and taste wise sinful.
*Pistachio and Olive Oil Torta – I personally preferred the other desserts more but my husband liked it. I guess it could have been a bit moist otherwise it was okay.

I had a amazing time here and even if you are looking for a place with fabulous food, courteous service and just a fun time with friends and family with food that can make you feel satisfied this is the place to be.


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  • Sawan Chalisye
    October 21, 2015 at 4:00 am

    Hey Sana. Your reviews make the food look even better. Review some joint in India. If at all you come here.

    • sana
      October 22, 2015 at 8:11 am

      Hi Sawan, firstly thanks for your comment. I have plans to come to India and try out some popular places there as well. Hopefully it happens soon 🙂


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