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Fume – Pier 7

Pier 7 in Marina is blessed with some of the best restaurants Dubai has to offer and one such place is Fume. I recently grasped the opportunity to dine here and I was so pleased with the food that I have to make a few more visits again to experience this place all over again. Lively atmosphere with urban setting and the gorgeous view of the Marina is all what Fume is about.image

Even though it wasn’t the weekend this place was brewing with people and I am happy I got a good seat with the scenic view of the Marina. I have earlier been here for a mock tail mixology class so I knew what I would order for the beverages. The Raspberry Mule with a hint of chilli and ginger beer is a perfect drink to start the happening evening here.image

The menu at Fume is filled with dishes which I adore so it was a hard decision to just choose a few but the chirpy servers helped me decide the bestsellers making it so easy for me. We began with a few starters :-
*Duck Salad – Well moist salad with a crunch of peanuts and the most tender some meat, it looks fabulous and taste even better.
*Beef Tartare – Oozing egg yolk over the meat is such a good sight but taste wise I felt there was some texture missing.
*Smoked Pepper Mackerel Spread – Such an ordinary dish but absolutely delicious to have.
*Tofu Mazing – I did appreciate the effort put into the presentation of the dish. Even though it taste well it would be a excellent appetizer if it would be bite sized rather then 3 huge pieces. The crunchy coating with the slightly sour dip was classic.
*Calamari – I would call this my comfort food. It was a bit odd to have it without tartar sauce but the sweet chili sauce added a nice delectable taste to it.image

After this hugely popular starters, we moved onto the mains. One by one all the dishes were served leaving a aromatic fragrance on our table.
*Honey and Chili Chicken – An absolute must have especially if you are a huge fan of Chicken dish like I am. Slightly chili but the honey compensates for it so its a good balance and a hearty meal.
*Smoked Salmon – First bite and knew this was cooked so perfectly well. Melt in your mouth texture with that smoky fragrance, divine.
*Portobello Mushroom – Very different from the usual dishes I have had. It has this strong acidic punch to it. I personally wouldn’t prefer it but apparently many people love it.
*Beef Chuck Rib – If I would have been given the option to eat this for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t give a second thought. My goodness it was juicy and flavorful, marvelous.image

If I must have tempted you by now you are completely wrong, wait till you see their desserts.
*Apple Crumble Pie – Warm, crunchy and a hint of cinnamon with the Ice cream was superb.
*Naked Chocolate Jar – Don’t feel guilty if you end of having this all by yourself. After all chocolate is good for health especially if it is so sinful and heavenly.image

Do I need to give you more reasons to visit this place ? If this place doesn’t excite you with its food, service, view and the buzzing atmosphere I don’t know what will.

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