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Coya – A sinful treat

As you walk into Coya, you can instantly feel the artistic, vibrant decor which is the life of this place. Since the time of its inception in London this brand is globally recognised and has become a favourite among many. Latin American food, entertainment and its diverse ambience make this place even more popular which is why it is one of the award winning restaurants, here in Dubai.

Apart from its famous Friday Brunch, you can even try some of the chef’s specialities which are inspired by contemporary Latin American dishes. Hard to resist is there Tuna Ceviche (Atun Chifa) with a sharp, tangy texture this was an extremely special dish. Amberjack (Tiradito de Serviola) had a truffle flavour which would be adored by many.

From the Salads my current obsession with Quinoa Salad got me on that, the light sublime savour made a fine meal. On the other hand, the Calamari and Squid served with some chilli garnish added a bit of spice to this delectable dish.

Chilean Seabass served with a moist rice, similar to Risotto was a stand out dish. The texture, flavour and the bits and pieces of the delicate fish made this an absolute stunner. On the contrary, the Rib Eye Steak would be enjoyed by people who prefer meat over seafood, but I felt the Sea Bass would be the reason I come back here.

Their sinful Chocolate Fondant should be considered every time you are around Coya, and if Chocolate is not your thing try the famous Peruvian drink ‘Chicha Morada‘ which is turned into a cooled ice dessert.

Even though this is not my first visit to Coya, I still love coming back to this restaurant as this place has the best of everything from food, ambience and a few decent drinks to make it even better.

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