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Take a break from the brunch and head to Lebanese and Armenian Restaurant Al Mayass

Al Mayass is a Armenian and Lebanese restaurant, and after a few successful years in Abu Dhabi, the owners finally decided to share their culinary love and passion with us in Dubai. Their latest opening in Sofitel showcases the art and the dynamic side of the restaurant, and with the food, you can sense the distinct flavours and textures which bring out the vivid culture and love from both the countries.

They have quite a few classic dishes and a range of hot and cold mezze portions. We began our meal with some tangy fried potatoes which had a generous garnish of parsley, and their signature Manti which was bursting with the freshness of yoghurt and tomatoes.

Tabouleh composed of herbs and chopped veggies which were tossed in a good amount of lemon, good options for vegetarians. Another highlight of my meal was Sujok served on a crisp bread which was topped with tiny quail egg, delightful and joyous to eat.

The execution of Armenian and Lebanese way of cooking is quite prominent in their Grilled Sheesh Tawuk and their Ground minced meat Kebab which has a unique flavour of sweet and sour cherries.

The cynosure of my meal was the Osmaliyat Al Mayass dessert, without disclosing much I leave this as a surprise. Nevertheless, it was impressive.

Even though Dubai, has tonnes of Lebanese restaurant this one will surprise,  you and leave with a wondrous experience.

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