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The Courtyard – Manzil Downtown Dubai

The Courtyard restaurant is the life of Manzil Downtown adding so much more charm, color and life to this hotel. Staying in this hotel I came to realization that this restaurant is busy no matter what time you decide to come here so if you want to catch a nice spot walk in a bit early especially if you are planning to have dinner here.

Being a popular choice among the locals not only does this restaurant does some flavourful dishes but also Sheesha which would tempt you to come to this place more often. The menu being vast we narrowed it down by going by the servers suggestions. Zaatar Fries which had a smoky texture and the zaatar gave it so much more flavor. Cherry Lamb Kofta was so unique that each bite oozed out a juicy essence, it was inviting and palatable. Chicken Biryani too my surprise was rich and ambrosial and was wiped out in seconds.

The food at this restaurant was heavenly even though the service was a little slow I didn’t mind the wait since each bite of the food was worth it. Dessert’s were pretty light and I had a Rose and Mystic flavored Ice-Cream, loved the Rose but the Mystic was slightly bitter for my liking.

My weekend dinner not only ended on a good note but also left me with a new favorite restaurant where I can join my friends and family over succulent food and some Sheesha to lighten the atmosphere.

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