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Opulent dining at Palazzo Versace

Take inspiration from the most popular cuisines in Dubai; Palazzo Versace makes sure that if you are here, your meal would be one exciting thing of the day. From having a highly acclaimed Turkish restaurant Enigma to a widely popular Italian restaurant Vanitas this resort knows how to celebrate a feast with every meal of the day.

Enigma:- Forget everything you have had at a casual Turkish restaurant before you come here. The food here is beyond exceptional; meat is made to perfection and ingredients which enhance the flavors overall are nothing short of winning a Michelin star. Try the set menu where you get to sample some of the best dishes from the menu.

Vanitas:- I have been here twice in six months, and that for me is a big deal as I try not to go to the same restaurant again especially since there are so many new places constantly opening. The Italian food here is very authentic especially if you try their Lasagna you will know what I mean. Apart from their Pasta, their desserts are popular too.

Mosaico:- Looking for a place which will inspire you? Then your search ends at this lobby lounge restaurant of Palazzo Versace. Either for a high tea or just a light lunch, this place is ideal, the food isn’t too heavy, but at the same time, it is satisfying which makes it more enjoyable.

Giordino:- I am a person who likes quality over quantity so that being said I don’t fancy buffet food that much but while my stay here I dined at this place couple of times. Their hugely popular Friday Brunch with live entertainment has to be one of my favorite places for brunch, with cuisine from all around the globe you will be spoilt rotten with options, but most importantly each dish tastes phenomenal.

Q’a Bar and Lounge:- Live musicians along with subtle finger foods will help you to lighten the atmosphere especially if you are here just to unwind. Even though I don’t drink alcohol, they still have some impressive mixes of mock-tails to try.

Amalfi – Still on my list of places to go, but heard a lot about their Saturday poolside Barbecue. The atmosphere here is laid back from what I have seen, and their in-house DJ makes some fun tunes to dance on.

La Vita – One place I know which does ladies night on a Thursday has to be ‘La Vita.’ Their outdoor deck is a beautiful place to be, regarding the food the option is limited but when it comes to beverages, they have a lot more choices. With the mesmerizing decor and the light atmosphere, you will surely enjoy your evening here.

For more information about their dining options head to Palazzo Versace or call at +971 45568888




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